Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sara MacCalman Responds to Right Wing News

Sara MacCalman is a gifted writer who gave me permission to repost her response to an obnoxious meme circulated in Facebook by a group calling itself "Right Wing News."  It's brief but wonderful.

I guess you must be referring to the old America where one person could support a family, where kids could go to college without going into debt, where the water was still relatively clean, where there was a thriving manufacturing economy and finding products that were made in America wasn't just about impossible.  That fine old America where 30% of workers were union members, where the tax rate for wealthy Americans was 91% (1950),where the majority of people actually voted and they voted on paper ballots counted by honest, trustworthy local citizens.  Those were the days, that's for sure.  The days when the media was not all owned by one or two corporations whose goal is to keep people sedated with nonsense and out-right lies, when people trusted and respected the officials they elected and when campaigns were based on issues, not the amount of money raised.  The America where we all valued that which we held in common, like our public schools and our public land. Where we, in the form of our government, dealt with problems such as crime from the standpoint of public safety and restorative justice rather than the profit motive.  I would say that most of us miss that America.

Sara MacCalman is a self-described “5th generation Montanan, an avid reader of everything I can get my hands on, a permaculturist who feels that the most radical thing to do in these mad times is to grow as much of your family's food as is humanly possible, a firm believer that most dogs are finer human beings than most people, and a glutton for hope in any of its myriad forms.”

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