Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pieter J. Van Niel on POTUS and Guns

“People who say Obama fake-cried are essentially accusing him of being as indifferent to mass killings as they are. ‪#‎StopGunViolence‬”
~ John Fugelsang

The following was shared in Facebook on the same day that President Barack Obama announced his gun safety proposal (see clip below). In just the first three days of 2016, according to a group called “Occupy Democrats,” 97 people died and 219 were injured as a result of gun violence.

Today, we were privileged to witness an extremely intelligent, deeply human, profoundly decent, gently witty, brilliantly far sighted and visionary POTUS, Barak Hussein Obama – a real man – define, promulgate, and demand needed change in gun laws and practices.

With professorial Iogic and clarity, our President outlined necessary and appropriate steps to improve dealer licensing practices, background check and registration procedures, expanded attention to mental health issues, and the like. He asserted his authority as an esteemed constitutional scholar, as well as our President, to take these initially mild executive actions on the part of our citizens; he utilized specific and undeniable examples, anecdote and testimony in order to buttress his well developed argument; he revealed, with the tears of a compassionate, deeply Christian and moral leader, the depth and intensity of his anger, his sadness, his frustration, and his disgust vis-a-vis this difficult issue of gun control; he carefully confronted Second Amendment hyperbolic and illogical rhetoric and underlined that our declared guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do not allow anarchy and trumped-up and over-exaggerated individual rights false arguments to subvert the declared rights upon which our nation was founded and by which we must continue to be guided.

In sharp contradiction, the cold and bullying comments from the NRA-owned Republican party, its incompetent, unqualified, and criminal clown car of pretenders to the presidency, and the bribed and over-lobbied Teapub-dominated Congress emphasized the morally bankrupt, cruel, venal and hate-filled essence of the far right bagger and Repub party of Nazism, white supremacism, misogyny, Randism, anarchistic stupidity and off-target politics of racism, hatred and greed.

The contrast between our POTUS and the Teapublican Party of nothing – with its low, white trash, bullying, insulting, fourth grade talking Trumpitler; crazy Christofascist, illegal alien Cruz; criminal Rubio; treasonous and grotesque bus of hypocritical, greedy and stupid State Governors like Abbot, Scott, Brownbeck, Walker and the rest of the Teapub gerrymandered state legislative bodies – resounded at every level as our POTUS forwarded his presently modest, ameliorative measures combined with an open-ended invitation and demand for long term gun control action at every level from local to state to national.

President Obama has gained a seat at the table of our greatest Presidents like FDR, TR, Ike, Lincoln, Washington. Despite the braying of the far right, this President of ours has profoundly altered the political and ethical milieu and landscape of our nation. He has righted an upside down ship of Republican greed and elitism; yanked us out of a depression; pulled us out of wars for profit; established a verifiably successful health care system; paid down the massive debt caused by Repub voodoo trickle-down economics and Cheney/Bush war profiteering; worked to articulate and institute his 21st Century national and world vision; supported our military like it has not been supported before; expanded human and civil rights; confronted the obstruction of the racist and arrogantly cold far right....

That so many of the American sheepublic continue to accept the fallacious positions of the Goebbels-like, dumb, propagandized vomitus of the Teapublicans; that so much racial hatred continues to infect local, state, national and world politics; that the extreme and limiting actions of fundamentalist Christofascists and an incompetent far right majority of the SCOTUS have inflicted real damage to our nation; that the unforgivable obstructionism and treason of the Teapublican party legislatures has denied infrastructure repair and growth, tax fairness, needed appointments, gun control, and on and on – in short, that we continue to be forced to struggle against false rhetoric and appeals to fear, ignorance, and cliché – all this and more will be seen as a despicable and embarrassing era of decades-old Republican greed, elitism, cynicism, selfish and grotesque über capitalism, fascism, misogyny, racism and Birchism and the like.

I am so deeply grateful for our chess master POTUS. President Obama has my deepest respect and profound admiration. The preordained reactionary response that spewed forth from the far right shills and idiots even before POTUS' speech demonstrated and highlighted the feckless, disgusting venality of the ruined Teapub Repugnicant party of pathetic jackassery. 2016 must elect democratic and reasonable leaders and regain our government bodies from local to state and national political venues.

History will show the truth of the matter – not the lying Nazi Fox Faux News, nor the corporate- dominated far right media, nor the compromised and bribed Congress of treason and obstruction, nor the seditionist and greedy actions of bagger Governors, nor the pompous braggadocio, bullying and bloviating grotesqueries of Trumpitler and the Teapub clown train of stupid.

2016. Then 2018, 2020 and 2022. I am an American, and I want my country back from the hands of the evil baggerism, Randism, Nazism, Christofascism and Repugnicant stubborn stupidity that is hindering and destroying our egalitarian democratic principles. I intend for America to continue the vision, integrity, decency and morality of President Barack Obama.

Pieter J. Van Niel
This essay was authored by Pieter J. Van Niel of Redlands, California, and was reposted with permission.

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  1. President Obama is so real .Kind Compassionate and willing to fight for the young non gun totters