Friday, September 2, 2016

Boy, Are We Paying for Rick Snyder!

I know Americans are currently in a tizzy about some athlete’s refusal to adhere to the wishes of a loud but vocal minority who care more about music than freedom and justice. I feel obligated, however, to do what I can to highlight something that actually matters, something that impacts lives but isn’t spurring the same level of outrage as a San Francisco quarterback’s commitment to his principles.

I’m talking about the blatant theft of millions of taxpayer dollars by the incompetent, unscrupulous, disingenuous politician who resides in my state’s governor’s mansion.

Everyone knows about Governor Rick Snyder’s actions and inaction which led to the poisoning of 100,000 largely African-American residents of Michigan’s seventh most populous city (except perhaps the bearded, scruffy guy who lives in the woods near my home and mutters to himself). The decision by Snyder’s emergency manager to start pumping toxic Flint River water into residents’ homes, neglect to treat it properly and cause thousands of children to be exposed to unsafe lead levels made international news. To add insult to poisoning, the Snyder administration denied citizen complaints for almost two years, told alarmed locals and professionals essentially to “chill,” called the poisoning an “honest mistake” and then blamed every “career bureaucrat” they could find.

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Now it’s being reported that Michigan taxpayers are funding Snyder’s legal defense (as well as that of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality) to the tune of $7.9 million. The guy could actually face criminal charges so he’s lawyering up; instead of setting up a private fund and snagging donations from GOP fat cats, the Snyder cabal is hiding behind our State Administrative Board – the seven-member entity that ostensibly has control over the administrative activities of Michigan’s state departments and agencies – which announced its approval.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Why the snark? Because this board consists of the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state treasurer (appointed by the governor), director of the Michigan Department of Transportation (appointed by the governor) and superintendent of public instruction. That’s why.

But wait. It gets better: the board isn’t really required to approve any contract that’s requested directly by the governor, regardless of the amount.

It’s all a ruse, y’all.

From an article at

In addition to the $7.9 million now approved for DEQ and Governor's Office attorney bills, there's more to the cost to state taxpayers for legal action related to Flint water.

The Department of Health and Human Services has told MLive that it has spent more than $246,000 in legal fees and $3.9 million has also been appropriated for Attorney General Bill Schuette's criminal investigation of the water crisis.

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Rick Snyder
A Democratic state legislator is introducing a bill that prevents Snyder, the secretary of state, the treasurer and the auditor general from using public funds to secure private counsel. (The attorney general normally represents the state in this kind of situation; I have no idea why Bill Schuette is conducting his own investigation rather than defending his boss.) It seems silly since the state legislature is dominated by Republicans and Snyder wouldn’t sign this into law even if it were to reach his desk. But at least someone’s doing something.

In an era when a lying, offensive, bigoted, orange-skinned shyster with bad hair is seriously being considered for the presidency of the world’s only superpower, it shouldn’t be surprising that a state governor is allowed to poison an entire city without repercussions. Other governors – New Jersey’s Chris Christie, Paul LePage in Maine, Rick Scott in Florida, Nathan Deal in Georgia and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker come to mind – have made blunders and obnoxious statements, alienated significant numbers of constituents, engaged in questionable and in some cases corrupt behaviors and generally erased any semblance of nobility from public service. But this is just wrong.

It’s wrong to cut services to the poor and needy so that you can line the pockets of your lawyer pals. It’s wrong to force our state’s residents to prioritize your legal defense over their needs and wants. And it’s wrong to flip the proverbial bird at your constituents while thousands go without safe water to bathe in and drink.

It’s your job to serve the state, Rick Snyder – not the other way around.

P.S. Get a load of this probably-taxpayer-funded piece of propaganda that Snyder tweeted last March. See what I mean about blaming everybody under the frikkin’ sun?

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  1. thank you.
    Government Snyder makes me.sick. Where was Calley?

  2. No one is talking about Brian Calley! WTH??

  3. Nice work on this, terrible that we still have to talk about it. When people ask about "White Privilege," I think the smiling Caucasian Governor of Michigan and the juxtaposition of the misery of Flint's children says it all. Oh, and there's no way in hell we should be footing the bill for legal fees for the bad decisions this asshole made.